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Museum of the Second World War

Gdansk, Poland

17 Oct 2018

A range of lifts from Orona were specified for the Museum of the Second World War in the centre of Gdansk, in Poland.

The building was built by the Polish architectural design studio Kwadrat in a city district that was completely destroyed during the war. The buildings unique design signifies the shaft of an unexploded stray rocket.

The building was first opened in 2017 and incorporates the museum, a 300 seat conference room, a 115 seat cinema and a 1,200m2 multi-purpose room.

Orona was selected to satisfy the vertical transportation demands of the building. As part of the project different solutions were installed into the building: 2 panoramic lifts with exterior views, 11 lifts servicing different floors (3 of them double entrance lifts), 1 heavy load lift with capacity up to 5,000 kg and 2 platforms lifts.

With the aim of enhancing the decor of the building and also achieving the durability of the materials, all the lifts were installed with Orona 3G aesthetic packs.


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