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Hospital lifts

We are an essential service that ensures the uninterrupted operation of the lift.
Every second counts.

Hospital lifts

You are in the best hands

24/7/365, nothing can go wrong.

We move you from one floor to another quickly, without unnecessary waiting.

Reliability in
emergency situations

Orona provides all types of cabin sizes, reinforcements and finishes to ensure the best hygienic conditions for patients and the best usability and comfort for visitors and healthcare staff.

Orona Care health priority

Taking care of your lift, we take care of you

The health of patients and healthcare staff is important to us. That is why, at Orona, we have developed a series of solutions that contribute to people's well-being:

  • Antibacterial walls.
  • Antimicrobial handrails.
  • Air purifiers that improve air quality and moisturize the skin.
Orona Next Experience

Specially designed cabins for hospitals

Customise it to your liking

Lifts that ensure accessibility, specifically designed for handling stretcher movement with ease. With a reinforced structure, robust materials and a functional design, easy maintenance and cleaning are guaranteed.

HCP1 Healthcare lift design 01
HCP2 Healthcare lift design 02
HCS1 Healthcare lift design 03
HCS2 Healthcare lift design 04

Be free: choose what you want

Other solutions

We accompany you even in the most delicate moments

Orona 360º is more than a service, it is our way of taking care of the whole life cycle of your lift. We design, install and maintain to ensure a journey in the best conditions.

Orona 360º comprehensive service
Reduce energy consumption with Orona lifts

We put all our energy at the service of sustainability

Sustainability is not only a commitment to the environment, it is also the smart way to do more with less. Our lifts, escalators, ramps and moving walkways incorporate innovative applications designed to create and conserve energy, which allows cost reduction in the maintenance and operation of our solutions.

Environments and aesthetics

Create your own

Configure a unique and personalized cabin interior by combining the portfolio of components from different collections inspired by three ambiences:

A quiet, pleasant, relaxing environment made up of elements inspired by nature.

Discover Harmonia

An innovative and creative environment.

Discover Innova

An environment based on classic architecture concepts making them current.

Discover Rinaccia
RINACCIA Orona Next Rinaccia U2
HARMONIA Orona Next Harmonia P1
INNOVA Orona Next Innova P1
RINACCIA Orona Next Rinaccia P2
HARMONIA Orona Next Harmonia S1
INNOVA Orona Next Innova S1
RINACCIA Orona Next Rinaccia S2
HARMONIA Orona Harmonia Reference
RINACCIA Orona Rinaccia Reference
getting closer_1

We bring people together, we bridge distances

To innovate is not only to develop something different, it is to make that difference change and improve your daily life. That is precisely our priority: the well-being of people.

The cabin design, the lighting, the smooth operation, is our way of showing that we work to make your life more comfortable, pleasant and safe.

getting closer


Hospital del Mar Orona en el Hospital del Mar - Barcelona
Manchester Royal Infirmary Manchester Royal Infirmary
Zonnehove Residential Care Centre
AZ Groeninge hospital 1

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