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Lifts for heavy loads

There is no load we can't deal with.

Lifts for heavy loads

Heavy loads,
maximum versatility

Comfortable vertical movement of bulky and heavy objects.

The need to transport heavy objects, a compelling reason to trust Orona

From paintings in the Prado Museum to all-terrain vehicles in dealerships. Tell us what you need to transport and we will give you the solution.

Orona goods lifts for AirEuropa

Goods lifts

Transport any load, however bulky or heavy it may be, safely and comfortably.

Orona technical solutions, with electric or hydraulic traction, capable of combining strength and smooth operation, perfectly prepared to take on any task.

Orona car lift for Land Rover

Car lifts

We transport all types of vehicles with maximum precision.

At Orona we respond to the challenges of dealerships with resistant and durable solutions, and aesthetics designed not to suffer damages: special cabin finishes with side protections, specially reinforced floors and photocells to detect obstacles at the exit as well as to manage the correct positioning of the car.

Your first choice

Other solutions

We are your travel companion

Orona 360º is more than a service, it is our way of taking care of the whole life cycle of your lift. We design, install and maintain to ensure a journey in the best conditions.

Orona 360º comprehensive service
Reduce energy consumption with Orona lifts

We put all our energy at the service of sustainability

Sustainability is not only a commitment to environmental care, it is the smart way to do more with less. Our lifts, escalators and moving ramps and walkways incorporate innovative applications designed to create and conserve energy, which will allow you to reduce costs in the maintenance and operation of our solutions.

getting closer_5

We bring people together, we bridge distances

To innovate is not only to develop something different, it is also to make that difference change your life and improve it daily. That is, precisely, our priority: your well-being. We develop solutions to make your daily tasks easier.

The cabin design, the lighting, the smooth operation, is our way of showing that we work to make your life more comfortable, pleasant and safe.

getting closer

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