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Complete replacement of lifts

Orona lift replacement

Replacing your lift is transforming your day to day life

Installing a new lift is not only to make it safer, quieter, faster and more comfortable, it is a window to to an experience of comfort, safetyand well-being that welcomes you into your home.

It is not just another part of the building, it is part of your home.


We help you to
improve your daily life

Gain space and enjoy the Orona experience.

Control and security

Improved comfort, safety and maintenance

Lift control and safety


Accessible cabins for everyone

Accessibility in Orona lifts


We have reduced our energy consumption by up to 75%

Sustainable Orona lifts


Exclusive finishes and designs

Lift cabin design

You are in good hands, we take care of everything

We conform to all brands and installations.

Personalised attention

Contact us without any obligation and let us know the needs of your elevator


Complete audit

We carry out a thorough review of the state of your equipment to offer you the best solution


Execution of the modernization

Modernization within the agreed deadlines, complying with the current regulations


Maintenance service

We offer comprehensive monitoring to ensure maximum lift performance


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Other solutions

Man with mobile

Connected elevators, ready for the future

New digital technologies make it possible to connect you, your elevator and your technician, achieving greater safety, quality of service and availability.

The multiple sensors available in the elevator provide our technical team with the necessary information to anticipate possible anomalies and breakdowns. Thanks to the application of advanced analysis of this data, we guarantee greater availability of your elevator. Get in and connect to an experience in which you decide the destination of your time without worrying about anything.

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Environments and aesthetics

Create your own

Configure a unique and personalized cabin interior by combining the portfolio of components from different collections inspired by three ambiences:

A quiet, pleasant, relaxing environment made up of elements inspired by nature.

Discover Harmonia

An innovative and creative environment.

Discover Innova

An environment based on classic architecture concepts making them current.

Discover Rinaccia
RINACCIA Orona Next Rinaccia U2
HARMONIA Orona Next Harmonia P1
INNOVA Orona Next Innova P1
RINACCIA Orona Next Rinaccia P2
HARMONIA Orona Next Harmonia S1
INNOVA Orona Next Innova S1
RINACCIA Orona Next Rinaccia S2
HARMONIA Orona Harmonia Reference
RINACCIA Orona Rinaccia Reference
getting closer_1

We bring people together, we bridge distances

To innovate is not only to develop something different, it is to make that difference change and improve your daily life. Precisely that is our priority: your well-being. We develop solutions so that now, more than ever, you can be with your loved ones.

The cabin design, the lightning, the silence or the smoothness of the braking is our way of saying that we work to make your life more comfortable, pleasant and safe.

getting closer

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