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Holiday Inn Terminal 4

London Heathrow Airport

07 Feb 2020

Orona worked closely with the design team and developer at the Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 Crown Plaza/Holiday Inn to deliver 13 passenger lifts, 2 escalators and service lifts.

Providing direct access to Heathrow Terminal 4 via an elevated walkway, this unique development combined the Crown Plaza and Holiday Inn brands and was the largest airport hotel opened in the UK in 2018.

Orona have developed a strong presence and reputation in the Leisure and Hospitality sector for providing pre-designed product designs with the flexibility to adapt to client and design team requirements.


Orona worked closely with the design team and developer to deliver bespoke designs to consider the robust nature of the environment whilst maintaining the high-level aesthetic requirements.

The project required the installation of 13 passenger lifts ranging from 10-21 person capacity rated at lifts speeds of 1.0m/s and 1.6m/s, 2 escalators and service lifts to meet the hotel transport requirements.

Delivered on time with a long-term client maintenance delivery programme, Orona are proud of their on-going involvement in this project.

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