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On the road to European consolidation

Orona records a turnover of €1,009 million and moves forward in its European consolidation with new incorporations. The cooperative has increased its sales figures by 12.6% compared to the previous financial year and has a workforce amounting to 6,111.

08 May 2024

Asamblea 2024

Orona, the fifth European group in vertical mobility solutions for people with headquarters in Hernani (Gipuzkoa), held its Ordinary General Assembly today. The meeting, held at the corporate headquarters of Orona Ideo, saw the approval of the 2023 accounts and discussed the co-operative's direction and main keys to its future for the coming years.

Orona's Figures in 2023

Company sales in 2023 stood at 1,009 million euros, 12.6% up on the previous year, in a complex global scenario marked by different conflicts and the presence of uncertainties from a socio-economic viewpoint. Orona ended the year with a workforce of 6,111, a figure which has increased for the fourth year running.

In this difficult situation, Orona has recorded strong growth in its EBITDA, which amounted to 143 million euros, exceeding previous years, and investments over this financial year totalled 64.1 million euros.

In the light of an increasingly complicated global context, the cooperative remains steadfast in its determination to continue to shape a strong, competitive social-business project in order to face future challenges soundly. In this context, competitiveness will continue to play a key role thanks to the commitment of our people and our support for innovation and digital transformation. Finally, the General Assembly shared and highlighted the fact that, thanks to the group's capacity to adapt and respond, along with the efforts of the workforce, we have been able to round off a truly exceptional financial year, giving us strength in an increasingly demanding environment.

Orona EU 2030: Group Consolidation in Europe

Financial year 2023 also marked another step forwards in the consolidation of Orona in Europe, thanks to the incorporation of the companies Loire Ascenseurs and Automatismes Fermetures d'acces in France, M.E.S Liften in the Netherlands, Scotec Lifts in the United Kingdom, AK Aufzüge in Germany, and Ascensores Valencia in Spain. The group is therefore now present in 13 countries and has a comprehensive presence as a player in the entire value chain. These new incorporations are also part of the Orona EU 2030 project, the goal of which is to reach a turnover of around 1.2 billion euros in that same year and employ 7,000 workers in the European area.

60th Anniversary of Orona, S.Coop. and 10th Anniversary of Orona Ideo

This year, the cooperative is celebrating 60 years since Orona, S.Coop. was founded, and it has organised a commemorative institutional event and a day of festivities for Orona partners.

The company wanted to celebrate its 6 decades of history by focusing on the people who, throughout Orona's history, have been part of the organisation, providing their involvement and commitment, and bringing to life the legacy that has been passed down from generation to generation. Orona is celebrating this anniversary with its sights set on the future, with the aim of continuing to consolidate its socio-business project in Europe, and with the conviction that people are and will remain the key to continuing to build the future of the co-operative.

This anniversary also coincides with the 10th anniversary celebrations of Orona Ideo. An ecosystem that was created with a clear focus on innovation and sustainability, and which today has become a symbol of Orona's cooperation model, showing clear openness and interrelation with the environment through Orona Foundation.

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