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Orona Ideo

Orona Ideo is the ecosystem that gathers in one place all the agents involved in our innovation network - companies, universities and research centres - to promote a greater exchange of knowledge and ideas that will ultimately be transformed into results.

Orona Ideo symbolises Orona's vision of the future: a model based on constant innovation as a way of ensuring the long-term sustainability of the business project.

Collaborative innovation model

The collaboration between the three entities forms a technology alliance applied to the mobility sector and the improvement and transformation of companies and society.


icono cercanía

Research Centre

icono innovación


icono comunidad

The place where we imagine

Orona Ideo, together with our production plant, is the headquarters where the core values that mark Orona's strategy coexist. This space is much more than a set of facilities, it is the place an idea or project needs to grow and consolidate.


Orona Zero

Orona Zero
aiming high
with your feet on the

Orona Zero is our corporate headquarters building. A building inspired by circles, a constant in Orona's brand image. Its architecture seeks to convey elegance and strength with an unmistakable association to our activity, the mobility industry.

A place conceived to house new ways of working necessary to respond to the challenges of the future. A space of emotions and sensations that constitute the Orona spirit.

Orona Fundazioa

Orona Fundazioa, the most humane side of Orona.

It represents the most humane side of Orona by seeking to provide a service not only to the people who form part of the organisation but also to the society as a whole. In its service to Orona, the Foundation is the pillar on which the development of all the people who make up Orona rests.
In its relationship with the outside world, the Foundation aims to create a meeting point for educational, social, sporting, cultural, socio-economic and institutional agents with the sole purpose of promoting the development of society.

It is Orona Ideo's most open space and houses a mixture of uses consistent with the nature of the foundation
This building houses a series of facilities that are common to the whole of Orona Ideo, such as the cafeteria-restaurant, the auditorium and the library

Orona A3 Research

A3 Research. The energy that will lift us into the future

It is an advanced building designed for the development of the integrated projects of the innovation network related to energy. The existence of A3 Research, oriented exclusively to research in this field, is proof of its strategic importance. The G3A project is a clear example of Orona's long-term commitment to research into energy regeneration and electrical storage systems to achieve maximum energy efficiency in lifts.

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