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Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra

Embark on a trip to seventh heaven

27 Aug 2021

Built in 1867, the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra is one of the most emblematic buildings in San Sebastián. Located in one of the most privileged places in the city, a few meters separate it from the Town Hall and its vibrant Old town, so appreciated by tourists. Its windows overlook the Paseo de La Concha and the Concha beach, which is considered the best urban beach in the world according to Trip Advisor. The pearl of the Cantabrian Sea, along with its bay, offers hotel guests the best sunsets that one could ever dream of. For more than 150 years, the walls and rooms of this majestic building have reflected the shine of the Belle Époque in San Sebastián, among which the Mata Hari suite stands out. Here is where the First World War dancer and spy was housed during her visit to the capital of Gipuzkoa.

The partnership between the Hotel de Londres and de Inglaterra and Orona is historic. For more than twenty years, five lifts and two pedestrian doors installed and maintained by Orona have facilitated circulation and universal mobility. True to our long-term commitment and trust spirit, we have built a relationship that looks after the facilities of the Hotel de Londres and de Inglaterra. Our comprehensive vision of the building’s mobility facilities is present throughout the entire value chain. In 2011, the hotel undertook a reform to build the seventh floor, called “the seventh heaven” and thus increase the number of rooms to 167. It involved the replacement of four lifts and the elimination of their corresponding machine rooms so that the hotel could took advantage of the resulting space for their own activity. Due to this reform, guests can reach the seventh heaven in a fast, safe, and comfortable way.

To tackle this reform, Orona installed three Orona 3G 5014 models and one Orona 3G 5014 model. The former model has been expressly designed to install a larger car in an existing shaft. Its innovative setup incorporates the counterweight between the sliding guide shoes, which frees up space in the shaft and allows for a car up to 50% larger. The installation of a larger car not only increases the transport capacity of the lift but also provides greater comfort during the ride, and increases the accessibility for wheelchairs, pushchairs, etc.


At Orona we innovate responsibly to create a more sustainable future. This commitment guides us in the process of improving our products and services. Proof of this is that some of the components employed in this hotel are among the most energy efficient on the market. For instance, compared to the models previously used, the gearless machines we incorporated reduce energy consumption by 50%. Likewise, the LED technology our lifts include consume less energy and have a longer life, which prevents lights from frequently burning out. Because the greenest energy is the one not consumed, our lifts incorporate a “sleep mode” where car lights shut down if the system is not in use.

In addition, Orona replaced the service lift employed by suppliers to load and unload goods daily. Service lifts are a key element for hotels to operate correctly and be able to provide their guests with everything they need to enjoy their stay. This time, the challenge consisted in adding a new stop at the basement, for which the corresponding adaptation was carried out in the shaft pit. In this way, the products that arrive from the market are directly transferred to the kitchens to delight guests and customers with the renowned service the establishment has offered for decades at its now legendary restaurant “La Brasserie Mari Galant”.

The lifting solutions installed in the hotel provide maximum functionality to its users and the maintenance service is as reliable. Orona continues to be closer to its customers than ever. Ever day, Its team of technicians show their ability to provide a professional and quality service in the facilities they take care of. Guests at the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra may rest assured that mobility facilities will not let them down. They will be able to dedicate themselves to watch the hours pass enjoying one of the most iconic views the city has to offer. At Orona, we bring people closer together and shorten distances.

Orona, closer to you.

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