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Orona lifts

We are the partner that solves mobility challenges by connecting people in buildings and public spaces through lifts, shortening distances in all segments.

Orona's new lifts have the ability to connect to our IoT (Internet of Things) platform, providing data, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Connectivity brings us even closer to you and your home, opening the doors to new services and digital experiences of a future that is already here.

Be free: choose what you want

Ambiances and aesthetics

Create your own

Configure a unique and customised cabin interior by combining the portfolio of components from different collections inspired by three ambiences:

A quiet, pleasant, relaxing environment made up of elements inspired by nature.

Discover Harmonia

An innovative and creative environment.

Discover Innova

An environment based on classical architectural concepts making them current.

Discover Rinaccia
RINACCIA Orona Next Rinaccia U2
HARMONIA Orona Next Harmonia P1
INNOVA Orona Next Innova P1
RINACCIA Orona Next Rinaccia P2
HARMONIA Orona Next Harmonia S1
INNOVA Orona Next Innova S1
RINACCIA Orona Next Rinaccia S2
HARMONIA Orona Harmonia Reference
RINACCIA Orona Rinaccia Reference

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