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The mobility of people within buildings is constantly evolving. That's why it is necessary to come up with new solutions; systems that optimise multiple lift rides, for example.

Solución Easy Flow en ascensores

Easy Flow

A smart solution for high traffic installations, with multiple lifts, optimising building traffic and reducing energy consumption.

The user names their destination and the system indicates them which lift to use. This way, we reduce the waiting time as much as possible and optimise your ride.

Designed to take care of you

We take care of your lift,
we take care of you

Your health, and that of your loved ones, is important to us. That's why, at Orona, we have developed a series of solutions that contribute to your wellbeing:

Ascensor con purificador de aire

Air Purifier

The high level of air exchange in an elevator lowers the exposure risk. The higher the elevator ventilation rate, the lower the accumulated dose a passenger is potentially exposed to. Orona's air purifier is equipped with nanoe nanoe™ X technology.*1

nanoe™ X technology*1

The nanoe™ X technology*1, inhibits the activity of viruses*2, keeping the cabin air clean and ensuring your well-being. It features a highly efficient function of purification.

The nanoe™ X technology is based on the use of hydroxyl radical. A multitude of them are grouped in water droplets and transform virus proteins which inhibits the activity of viruses.

*1 nanoeTM X is a trademark of Panasonic Corporation
*2 Test results may differ depending on the exposure area and air quality.  Efficacy after 2 hours in the testing space of approx. 25 m3.  Note : It is not the result under the actual usage environment and conditions. [Testing organisation] Japan Food Research Laboratories / [Test method] Testing room : Approx.25m3, Mesuring attached virus Infectivity titer on the testing cloth./ [Inhibition method] Release nanoeTM / [Target] Adhering virus / [Result] 99% inhibited in 8 hours,  Report no. 13001265005-01, Report date: 11th February,  2013.  Note: The test has done with using one virus.

Intelligent cabin walls

The innovative materials of the lift surface keep the lift clean. The antibacterial coating protecting the walls prevents bacteria from attaching to them.

Pasamanos antimicrobiano

Antimicrobial handrails

The handrail is an element that helps to access the cabin, so we protect our handrails with an antimicrobial treatment that prevents both bacteria and viruses.

An experience in a universal space

mujer en silla de ruedas en una plataforma cabinada

Orona Next incorporates accessibility elements to make your lift a more convenient space for everyone in the safest, most comfortable and most autonomous and natural way possible. These are some of the solutions:

  • Precise levelling
  • Braille buttons
  • In-cabin and floor gong
  • Ergonomic handrails
  • Speech synthesis in several languages
  • Light curtain

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