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We are your travel companion

We are the global partner that solves mobility challenges by connecting people in buildings and public spaces, in all segments. We participate in the integral value chain of the mobility solution with a 360º vision and a 57-year track record.

You will have the support of a brand with a legacy of more than 57 years in the lift industry and an organisation of more than 5,400 people committed to our purpose: to bring people together by shortening distances.

The secret of our success

Our team at your service

Qualified people
Professional vehicles

The details that make the difference

Integral Service
Orona 360º

We offer you a comprehensive service with a 360º visión aimed at taking care of your lift throughout its life cycle. We design, install and maintain it to ensure a journey in the best possible conditions. Our products' sophistication, design and confort are combined with an agile, efficient and flexible service in which every little detail counts.

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Experts in the
mobility of people

We advise you on the best mobility solution to optimise people's flow management in all types of facilities and buildings.

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We are by your side

We are by your side offering you a quick and personalised response.  We offer you highly qualified technical support in several languages and the most specialised attention.


100% made in Europe

Lifts entirely designed and assembled in Europe.

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Be free:
choose what you want

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Let us advise you

If you don't know which is the best solution for your project, let us advise you.

Find your solution


Create your own

Configure a unique and customised cabin interior by combining the portfolio of components from different collections inspired by three ambiances:

A quiet, pleasant, relaxing environment made up of elements inspired by nature.

Discover Harmonia

An innovative and creative environment.

Discover Innova

An environment based on classical architectural concepts making them current.

Discover Rinaccia
innova IU2
RINACCIA Orona Next Rinaccia U2
HARMONIA Orona Next Harmonia P1
INNOVA Orona Next Innova P1
RINACCIA Orona Next Rinaccia P2
HARMONIA Orona Next Harmonia S1
INNOVA Orona Next Innova S1
RINACCIA Orona Next Rinaccia S2
HARMONIA Orona Next Harmonia R2
INNOVA Orona Next Innova R2
RINACCIA Orona Next Rinaccia R1

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