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Construction companies

hombres en construcción


We make sure things work out.

We take care of details and meet the deadlines and requirements established to provide the best service.
We are your partner #attheconstructionsite

We have a taste for things
well done

Decisive when you most need it

We are by your side throughout the project to effectively resolve any challenges that may arise.

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Always by your side

Our to service means that we are always close-by to offer you the best service and the most specialised attention.

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Come what may we take care of it

Our technical professionals will be at your service to meet any challenge that may arise.

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Be free:
choose what you want

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Let us advise you

If you don't know which is the best solution for your project, let us advise you.

Find your solution


Create your own

Configure a unique and customised cabin interior by combining the portfolio of components from different collections inspired by three ambiances:

A quiet, pleasant, relaxing environment made up of elements inspired by nature.

Discover Harmonia

An innovative and creative environment.

Discover Innova

An environment based on classical architectural concepts making them current.

Discover Rinaccia
innova IU2
RINACCIA Orona Next Rinaccia U2
HARMONIA Orona Next Harmonia P1
INNOVA Orona Next Innova P1
RINACCIA Orona Next Rinaccia P2
HARMONIA Orona Next Harmonia S1
INNOVA Orona Next Innova S1
RINACCIA Orona Next Rinaccia S2
HARMONIA Orona Next Harmonia R2
INNOVA Orona Next Innova R2
RINACCIA Orona Next Rinaccia R1

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Orona's green


Orona solutions drastically reduce energy consumption, ensuring greater durability and contributing to the improvement in safety, accessibility, personal comfort and respect for the environment. We offer you some alternatives to reduce lift energy consumption:

Sustainable solutions

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