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Ramps and walkways

Moving ramp in an airport

Our moving ramps and walkways can be integrated into airports, metro stations, and other urban environments in an optimal manner, in order to allow improved traffic management and increased comfort for users.

ORONA moving ramps and walkways have been designed to facilitate movement of people along long distances with maximum safety and comfort, either with or without shopping or luggage trolleys.

Our solutions offer high service capacities and high performance along with silent operation.

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Moving ramps

Cutting-edge technology for public buildings.

  • Speed (m/s) 0.5
  • Width 800 – 1,000
  • Pers./hour 4,800 – 6,000
  • Inclination 10º - 11º - 12º
  • Max. level diff. (m) 7.5
  • Horizontal travel Low. / Upp. (planks) -/400-914 mm.
  • Handrail height (mm) 900 – 1,000

* Valid for Spain. Contact us about other countries

Moving ramp in a public building

Orona references

We have a broad range of experience installing elevators, escalators, and moving walks and inclined moving walks in various building types and environments. Discover some of our most notable installations.

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