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  • Técnico saliendo de un ascensor integrado en el edificio

    Apartment buildings

    We maintain a large number of elevators in apartment buildings.

  • Rampas mecánicas en un centro comercial

    Commercial buildings

    We maintain elevators, escalators, walkways and doors in commercial buildings.

  • Rampas y escaleras mecánicas en una estación de metro

    Underground and airports

    We expedite human mobility by maintaining installations (elevators, escalators and moving walkways) at important underground, train and bus stations and airports.

  • Elevator in a high-rise building

    Office buildings

    We guarantee safety and perfect operation by maintaining a large number of elevators, escalators, moving walkways and doors in institutional and office buildings.

  • Elevator integrated into an apartment building


    A diverse number of hotels place their trust in use to maintain their elevators, escalators, walkways and doors.

  • Elevators for heavy loads such as cars etc.


    We help care for people by maintaining elevation and accessibility solutions in perfect condition at hospitals and residences.

Preventive maintenance plans:

ORONA’s preventive maintenance plans incorporate routine inspections to ensure that adjustments and parts that need replacing are identified. That way the working life of the installation can be extended. They also guarantee

  • Greater usage SAFETY
  • Total installation AVAILABILITY
  • Optimum OPERATION
  • xxxMultibrand
  • xxxHighly qualified maintenance personnel
  • xxxQualified monitoring of all incidents
  • xxxFault index and minimum assistance times
  • xxxSensitive to Customer suggestions
  • xxxCustom service by provided maintenance technician
  • xxxComputer management and communication system for constant checking of service provided.

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