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Orona and sustainability, energy efficiency, and commitment to the environment
  • Orona's Green – Simboliza el compromiso de Orona con la sostenibilidad desde el punto de vista social, medioambiental y económico.
  • Commitment to society.
  • Commitment to the environment.
  • Economic commitment to the community.
  • Energy efficiency.

ORONA is the world's first company in the elevator sector certified in Ecodesign under the ISO 14006 standard

We believe that this commitment represents a competitive and strategic advantage in all of its aspects: social, environmental, and economic.

It represents our commitment to sustainability with a comprehensive and strategic focus, aligned also with our concept of commitment to the future. It is also an integral part of ORONA's values and business planning.

With its orientation towards society as well as its economic contributions to supporting activities in the community, ORONA always spells Client with a capital C. Our company culture and values are oriented towards a rigorous commitment to ethics, respect, and outstanding compliance with the Client's expectations. This commitment is also enriched by our special sensitivity to the needs of users whenever these represent additional challenges in terms of a "design for all" approach to the products and services ORONA offers. Our approach is to whenever possible avoid the creation of surroundings that may restrict or incapacitate any type of user in any way.

Ecodesign: Aenor certification awarded to Orona

Commitment to society

  • Client

    • With our service-centred attitude, at ORONA Client is always spelled with a capital C
    • Commitment to ethics and respect
    • Outstanding fulfilment of our Clients' expectations
    • Avoid whenever possible the creation of surroundings that limit or incapacitate any type of user in any way
  • Training

    • 90% of ORONA's professionals have taken part in training programmes
    • 541,657 Euros have been invested in training
    • 25,143 hours have been dedicated to training
  • Employment

    • Creation of sustainable, high-quality jobs
    • Support for policies emphasising participation, integration, and equal opportunity
    • Reconciliation of family and working life
    • OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Certification

    Orona UK - Slavery and human trafficking statement (PDF)

  • Global Compact compliance

    • ORONA adheres to the UN's Global Compact

    The Global Compact

Commitment to the environment

  • Our work centres are also dedicated to energy efficiency and a commitment to the environment

    Green facilities: all of our work centres in Spain have received ISO 14001 certification

  • We have achieved improved recyclability for heavy wastes from our elevators

    Significant improvement in the recyclability of heavy wastes

  • We take care of the environment

    Making progress in the reduction
    of environmental risks

Economic commitment to the community

Distribution of resources

Mandatory Contribution for Education and Cooperative Promotion (COEPC by its Spanish acronym)

In 2018, ORONA dedicated the amount of 443,960 € to promote research and education centres and to support cultural and social activities and training. A portion of these funds was also dedicated to cooperative development projects in third-world countries. Our goal is to be able to increase this contribution on a year-by-year basis.

At ORONA, the profits that matter the most are those that benefit the community.

ORONA dedicates a percentage of its profits to the promotion of cooperative, educational, and cultural activities in the communities where it operates, and it funds collaborative projects in developing countries.

ORONA is a founding member of the NGO Mundukide Foundation.

The Mundukide Foundation was created in 1999 with the goal of promoting universal inter-cooperation. It sponsors cooperative development projects in a variety of impoverished villages and communities.

MUNDUKIDE's mission is to cooperate with people in developing countries by sharing its experiences, resources, and know-how. It promotes self-managed and comprehensive development for all parties involved, based upon cooperative solidarity in the working world.

MUNDUKIDE's values are:

Work + Solidarity = Social Transformation
mundukide foundation
We sponsor cooperative, educational, and cultural activities through the NGO Mundukide

Programmes based upon training, technical assistance, and strengthening institutions, directed towards groups or collectives with an ideological affinity for cooperative operation and which have in some way requested support from the foundation.

We help Mundukide with its cooperation and development projects

Other activities such as support for the creation and development of cooperative businesses, or of other organisations that work in the field of cooperation in developing countries, such as through interchanges of experience or the creation of student internship opportunities.

Energy efficiency

Orona's Green integra además las actuaciones que se están desarrollando en el ámbito de la eficiencia energética y se despliega en toda nuestra Organización:

  • Low-consumption drive systems
  • Escalator lighting control
  • Energy storage
  • Efficient lighting
  • Elevator stand-by
  • Automated car lighting
  • Energy regeneration
  • Agreement signed to promote the use of electric vehicles (Fleet agreement)
  • Efficient driving courses for maintenance technicians
  • Integration of electric cars and motorbikes into the ORONA maintenance fleet
  • ISO 14001 environmental certification at all of our work centres in Spain
  • Energy audits in our production centres
  • Electricity consumption monitoring and control project
  • Integration of sustainability criteria beginning with the building design phase
  • District heating for 100% renewable heating and cooling: geothermal, biomass, thermal solar, absorption
  • Photovoltaic roof structure for localised energy production
  • Monitoring and control for the installations Efficiency in usage
  • LEED and BREEAM certification for the buildings
  • Sustainable mobility plan

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